APIKC Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award (previously known as Future Leader Award) recognizes the outstanding contributions by a graduate student in student affairs. Nominees have made a significant contribution to their home campus, demonstrated academic achievement, exceeded the expectations of their respective leadership positions, assumed a leadership role at their institution and/or at the state or regional levels, demonstrated an interest in the field of student affairs, and/or contributed work or scholarship that supports the advancement of Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi Americans in higher education. 

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  • 2014: Aaron Parayno, Northeastern University
  • 2015: Trina Tan, University of Vermont
  • 2016: Virginia Do, Miami University of Ohio
  • 2017: Brenda Dao, University of Utah
  • 2018: Varaxy Yi, University of Denver & Joren Plunkett, University of Utah

Asian Pacific Islanders

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Deadline: Oct. 31, 2018

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