Region IV-East Undergraduate Student Rising Star

This award recognizes an undergraduate student for achievement, involvement, and potential in the Student Affairs profession. It is presented to an undergraduate student at each of the state/province college(s) or universities within Region IV-East who is actively involved in the Division of Student Affairs and has intentions of pursuing an advanced degree in Student Affairs. Each state/province will have a recipient.  

Winners will be notified in October and the presentation of the awards will take place at the Region IV-East Conference in November in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Award winners should make every attempt to attend the Region IV-East Conference. 

In addition to the regional recognition that accompanies this award, the recipient will be considered for the National NASPA Undergraduate Rising Star Award.

  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate degree program with Junior or Senior status.
  • Demonstrated academic achievement
  • Intention to pursue a career and/or advanced degree in the field of Student Affairs
  • Significant contribution to their institution through service to others, outstanding leadership skills and going above and beyond what other students are contributing to campus.
  • Helping to make the campus culture a positive experience for students
  • NASPA membership is not required for this award. 

Award Information

Deadline: Oct. 05, 2018


Meg Haggerty, MS

Chair, Awards and Exemplary Programs

NASPA Region IVE Board

Tel: 317-940-8648

Email: [email protected]

A nomination for this award should be submitted online at

Apply Now


STEP 1: Write a letter of nomination.

STEP 2: Gather the nominee's contact information and resume/c.v.

STEP 3: Collect up to three (3) letters of support.

STEP 4: The person coordinating the nomination should gather the nomination materials (depending on the nomination may include letter(s) of support, a proposal, resume/C.V, etc.), visit the awards' website and submit the materials online. All of the application materials must be uploaded at the same time. 

STEP 5: Submit the nomination by the published deadline.

Current Recipients

  • Adam Bantz
    - Butler University

    “Adam is smart, inclusive, compassionate, collaborative, and shows great empathy- all characteristics I feel will assist him in being an amazing student affairs professional. He is a ROCK STAR on our campus and will be an amazing addition to the field of student affairs.” – Dr. Frank Ross III, Vice President for Student Affairs, Butler University

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  • Sara Kilany
    - Wayne State University

    “…she is highly respected and admired amongst members of her community. Ms. Kilany’s determination to motivate and uplift her peers of WSU is impressionable. She has a natural ability to lead, and she makes sure to speak up in difficult situations, which typically entails a successful outcome.” – Eboni Turnbow, Coordinator of Student Life, Campus Activities and Leadership Development, Wayne State University

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  • Hailee Rennels
    - University of Dayton

    “…it is those individuals that work for the common good of all students and know the meaning of sacrifice…Hailee is that undergraduate…Constantly striving for excellence, continuing to learn and grow, passionate about her fellow students…” – Robert M. O’Hara, M.S.Ed., Community Coordinator, South Student Neighborhood, University of Dayton

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Past Recipients

  • 2016 | Leigh A. Dunewood

    - Bowling Green State University

  • 2015 | Noelle Rich

    - Butler University

  • 2014 | Kelsey Skinner

    - Wayne State University