How can my campus build a Culture of Respect?

Updated Information September 2016:  Recent tragic events on college campuses involving sexual assault and violence, along with the passage of the Campus Save Act, underscore the need for a conference dedicated to discussing best practices and strategies for sexual violence prevention and response on today’s campuses. Learn more about the 2017 NASPA Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Conference.

Culture of Respect, a program of NASPA, is dedicated to strengthening sexual violence prevention and response on college campuses. We offer higher education leaders a six-point strategic roadmap – the CORE Blueprint – that engages all constituent groups in implementing the leading practices necessary to build a culture of respect on today’s campuses, a culture that is free from sexual violence and that is a safe space for all students.

Ending Sexual Assault and Gender-Based Violence on Campuses: The CORE Blueprint Pilot Program

More than 150 colleges and universities engaged with the CORE Blueprint and accompanying self-evaluation – the CORE Evaluation - in 2015 and their feedback called for additional support in realizing a strategic, comprehensive approach to eliminating campus sexual assault and gender-based violence. Responding to this need, Culture of Respect launched the CORE Blueprint Pilot Program, a rigorous implementation of the CORE Blueprint and CORE Evaluation on 14 select campuses nationwide. Coupled with a research project to assess the results, the Pilot Program:

  1. Gives each participating college and university one-on-one support to help staff implement the CORE Blueprint.
  1. Measures the Pilot Program schools’ progress towards comprehensively addressing campus sexual violence.
  2. Serves as an innovative sexual violence prevention model that can be replicated nationwide.

As the Pilot Program concludes summer 2016, Culture of Respect is analyzing the impact of the Pilot on participating schools’ comprehensive sexual violence prevention and response efforts, applying lessons learned, and scaling up to offer support and guidance in CORE Blueprint implementation at campuses across the country. On April 27th, we hosted a live briefing for more than 125 diverse institutions to share how campuses can become a Culture of Respect using our forthcoming online platform and suite of tools and resources (CORE Constructs). A recording of the live briefing is available here and additional questions can be directed to Allison Tombros Korman, senior director, Culture of Respect.

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