Meet the 2018 NASPA Summer Interns

Summer means a lot of things in our nation’s capital: fireworks, tourists, fireflies, humidity, and internships. Each summer, NASPA hosts undergraduate and graduate students from across the country, giving them a first-hand look the current state of student affairs and the work that NASPA is a part of. They work on a number of projects alongside NASPA staff, as well as gain practical skills and professional development. We are excited to have them on the team and can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring!

Osama Syed 

(He/Him/His) When he is not playing basketball or proposing legislation as the vice president of his student government, Osama can be found at NASPA headquarters. As a Wichita, Kansas native, Osama came to D.C. with the desire to experience all that NASPA and the capital has to offer, especially the wide variety of food. Osama intends to pursue a career working in public policy or promoting social mobility utilizing his research experience in refugee and migrant studies. Through his experience working alongside the Dean of Students at Davidson College, Osama gained an interest in student affairs and sought out the opportunity to intern at NASPA through the Davidson in Washington program. He serves as the professional development intern. His time at NASPA has allowed him to explore the wide array of fields in higher education advocacy as well as allowed him to envision a potential career in student affairs.

Michael Mondungo

(He/Him/His) Michael is an intern in the accounting department through The Fund of American Studies (TFAS). He attends the University of Iowa and calls Bartlett, Illinois home. His time interning at NASPA has given him extremely valuable experience as well as a more positive perspective on accounting. His adventurous spirit has allowed him to take in all of the exciting things D.C. has to offer, especially all of the rooftop lounges. He hopes to own his own business one day and this internship has given him some great insight into the workings of large organizations.

Yuri Smith

(She/Her/Hers) Yuri is a recent graduate of Macalester College and is originally from Tokyo, Japan and the NASPA Undergraduate Fellow (NUFP) intern. She came into this internship wanting to explore the work that NASPA is a part of in higher education as well as the opportunity to explore our nation’s capital. Within D.C., Yuri has enjoyed all of the diversity that is manifested in its cultural events and surprisingly decent sushi. Interning at NASPA has exposed her to the many Knowledge Communities that NASPA encompasses, as well as the importance of NASPA’s work in student affairs. Yuri will be attending the University of San Francisco this fall and hopes to work in Residential Life and Multicultural Affairs, Access and Retention or pursuing a career as a children’s dance teacher. Overall, Yuri has a passion for promoting students’ success that she pursuing through her NUFP internship.

Joey Zubricki

(He/Him/His) Through The Fund for American Studies (TFAS), Joey came to NASPA from the University of Iowa for an internship in the accounting department. He is from Bartlett, Illinois and his favorite part of D.C. is the impressive amount of museums and history in the city. He intends to pursue a career in sports management. At his time at NASPA, he has gained valuable experiences and developed professionally.

Rachel Greene 

(She/Her/ Hers and They/Them/Theirs) Rachel Greene is a proud Ohioan who serves as one of the Professional Development Graduate interns. She is a Loyola University Chicago graduate with a BA in Communications and is currently pursuing a degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of Vermont. Her internship at NASPA has allowed her to develop skills as a new professional as well as explore the variety of interconnecting areas that surround higher education. Rachel has also been working on co-facilitating professional development workshops for the undergraduate interns alongside planning for Careers in Student Affairs Month (CSAM). Rachel enjoys the racial diversity and nightlife of D.C. and is extremely grateful to her community of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC). This community has inspired her to pursue a career empowering students in efforts to make higher education more attainable across social identities.

Matthew Carmona

(He/Him/His) Matthew is a political science major at Ohio University and Virginia native. He is a general intern at NASPA this summer and has an interest in the politics of student affairs with hopes of pursuing a career as a lobbyist. His favorite spot in D.C. is Nationals Park and he is eager to get to know more about NASPA and the ways they deal with education policy.

Guadalupe Mabry

Guadalupe is studying public health at American University and is proud to call Guadalupe, Arizona her home. She is the marketing and communications intern and came to NASPA hoping to explore how effective media can empower people with knowledge. Guadalupe intends to pursue a career in medicine specializing in obstetrics and gynecology and serve in the United State Public Health Service. Her time at NASPA has given her insight to how advocacy organizations function and their influence on higher education. Although she does not intend to pursue a career in student affairs, this internship has given her a new perspective on the importance of education and how it relates to health. 

Simran Khoja

Simran attends Mercer University, where she is double majoring in economics and math. She hails from Lilburn, Georgia but really enjoys how fast paced and busy D.C. is. Because of its friendly staff, wide dealings within various fields of higher education, and the opportunities for professional development, NASPA was the perfect choice for her summer internship. Although Simran is unsure of what she career path she wants to take yet, her time as a professional development intern has given her the opportunity to work on different projects, meet great people, and gain exposure to the workings of student affairs organization like NASPA. 

Amanuel Mamo

Amanuel Mamo is a Seattleite who is studying political science at Western Washington University. As the undergraduate professional development intern, he has learned about the goals and obstacles of higher education focused organizations. His internship has allowed him to learn more about the actions higher education advocates are taking to protect free speech on campuses and closing educational gaps. He has a particular fondness for turtles and enjoys the history and architecture of D.C. Amanuel hopes to pursue a career in education policy and is grateful for the professional development and experiences in student affairs he has gained through his internship at NASPA.

Kyle Warbinton

(He/Him/His) Kyle attends Wabash College and calls Oak Park, Illinois home. As a Ronald Reagan Summer Scholar through the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute’s Leadership and the American Presidency Program, Kyle is taking classes at George Mason University as well as interning at NASPA. He is working as a constituent experience and services intern where he has been able to work alongside his fellow interns and come to appreciate the power of collaboration in the workplace. He plans on pursuing a career in law but because of his experiences at NASPA, he is considering incorporating higher education advocacy into his career.

Alex Hammond

(She/Her/Hers) Alex is a constituent experience and services intern from Vacaville, California. She attends California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and is studying biology with a concentration in marine sciences. Alex wanted to experience something outside of her field of study and applied for the Leadership and the American Presidency and got the opportunity to intern at NASPA as a part of the program. She intends on pursuing a career in ocean and marine conservation education working in the nonprofit sector. Alex has enjoyed exploring the monuments at night, getting to know the other interns, and learning about all the work that NASPA is a part of.

Betzabel Martinez

(She/Her/Hers) Betzabel is a California native and University of California, Santa Barbara graduate, where she received both Bachelor of Arts in statistical science and Spanish. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Education Counseling at the University of Southern California. Betzabel has been heavily involved in NASPA throughout her college years as a volunteer and program participant. She is NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) alumna and is extremely excited to continue her journey with NASPA. Her work at NASPA has given her the opportunities to work on student affairs. She is working towards becoming a senior level student affairs professional and hopes to serve as a Vice President at a community college or Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs at a four-year institution.

Alexis Foley

(She/Her/Hers) Alexis is currently in her second year Masters student at the University of Maryland in the student affairs program. She is originally from Canton, Michigan and her favorite part of DC is Georgetown. Alexis is an advisory services intern and came to NASPA because of the opportunity to be apart of its commitment to growth of the student affairs field. Her time at NASPA has boosted her confidence in communicating with others and reaffirmed her passion for student affairs as she continues to become a well-rounded professional.

Tyler Huddleston

(He/Him/His) Tyler is a Masters student at the University of Maryland and a graduate intern with advisory services. He  is orignially from Topeka, Kansas and came to NASPA to learn more about the roganizxation and see the first hand impact of  student affairs. Tyler is unsure of where his passions will lead him, but he hopes to work with student leaderships or Greek life. His time at NASPA has given him practical skills, like case study writing, and clairfies the role of assesment in student affairs.