Notes & Coffee: April 23 - 29

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Senate confirms leader for humanities endowment – “The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed Jon Parrish Peede (at right) as the 11th chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Since William D. Adams, an appointee of President Obama, stepped down as chairman in May, Peede has been the senior person at the NEH.”

Pentagon on PROSPER – “As Republican leaders look for support within their caucus to pass an ambitious higher education bill, their efforts are being complicated by opposition from an institution President Donald Trump said would be a key focus of his administration -- the Department of Defense.  The U.S. Department of Defense issued a document earlier this year stating opposition to the PROSPER Act, House Republicans’ plan to overhaul the Higher Education Act, over the bill's plan to eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, an unusual if not unprecedented move.”

New report recommends mergers in Pennsylvania – “Pennsylvania should consider mergers for its state-owned universities, says a new report released Wednesday that immediately received pushback from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the system’s faculty union. 

Cosby Honorary Degrees, Post-Conviction – “Temple University has long had close ties to Bill Cosby, who was convicted of sexual assault Thursday. The case in which Cosby was convicted involved a former administrator in the women's athletics program at the university, a woman who said she met Cosby when he was a trustee of the institution.”

New plan to reform college basketball – “A special National Collegiate Athletic Association panel on college basketball on Wednesday called for high school players to be eligible for the professional draft -- nixing the so-called one-and-done phenomenon. Along with harsher punishments for programs that violate the rules, this was among the commission’s sweeping suggestions, an attempt to mitigate corrosive influences on the sport.”

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