Notes & Coffee: June 4 - 10

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Court considers questions on loan forgiveness for defrauded students – “After granting student borrowers a temporary victory last month against the Department of Education, a federal judge this week will consider larger questions about whether all Corinthian Colleges students misled by their former institution should get full relief of their student loan debt.” 

Comeback in Compton – “Compton has gradually been rebuilding its brand and sweeping out the problems that led to the accreditation loss. Some changes, such as tuition-free agreements with local high schools to enroll their graduates and also improve enrollment at Compton, have been monumental. And others have been small, like keeping the Compton name on the college’s buildings, fields and apparel. Then last year the college’s administration, staff and students saw their efforts pay off -- ACCJC granted Compton its accreditation for seven years.”  

College and state laws are clamping down on fraternities – “There has been at least one school-related hazing death each year in the United States since 1961, according to Hank Nuwer, a Franklin College journalism professor and the author of multiple books on hazing. Most, but not all, have occurred during fraternity initiation events.”

One person as “prosecutor, judge and jury” – “As speculation swirls over how the Trump administration will direct colleges to handle campus sexual assaults, George Washington University has moved away from a panel of students and professors judging these cases, handing them over instead to a single investigator.

Varied models in global education – “As American political leaders walk away from embracing globalism, many U.S. universities are proceeding with long-held -- and strikingly diverse -- visions to expand their offerings worldwide, officials said Friday.” 

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