Notes & Coffee: May 28 - June 3

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A shifting policy landscape – “Policy experts speak about the myriad regulatory and subregulatory changes that are in ways potentially big and small changing the landscape for international students and scholars in the U.S. 

We now know a lot more about students who receive federal college grants – “Two recent reports offer a good snapshot as to what's happening for these students when it comes to college. One is from researchers at The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education and Penn AHEAD at the University of Pennsylvania. The other is from the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way.”

Report dings tax deduction for high-income grad students – “A new report from the Brookings Institution argues that the federal government is forgoing hundreds of millions in tax revenue each year through a tax credit that largely benefits graduate students with high incomes.”

Taking on the College Endowment Tax – “A Republican member of the House education committee and former two-year-college leader explains why he wants to repeal the college endowment tax and also describes where higher education is falling short.”

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