Spring Cleaning

It’s May on campus and there is a frenzy of activity happening as the school year ends. Last minute late-night study sessions are happening as finals week comes to a close. Students are moving out of residence halls. Graduating students are posing with their cap and gown all over campus. Parents are asking if they should plan on attending orientation. At the end of this month, campus will feel a little empty and you may have time to finally look through that pile of flyers, papers, and receipts from the past year, contemplating whether to sweep the entire thing in the trash.

As you prepare to do some spring cleaning of your physical space, let this be the time to do a digital sweep as well. Did your title change? Maybe you are planning on making a career move to a new institution at the end of the semester. Did you finish a degree or certificate program? Maybe you have a new email address. Whatever those changes may be, updating your NASPA profile offers your colleagues access to the information about you that helps keep you connected to your institution, region, and to the 15,000 NASPA members world-wide.  

Here are a few reasons to log in and update today: 

Members Only Directory

You can use the directory to find others in your region to network, present at conferences, and learn more about what’s happening at other institutions. Similarly, others may be looking to connect with you based on your area of expertise, institutions, or other demographic information. If you have opted to share your information, keeping your profile up to date helps others connect with you.

Volunteer with NASPA

Whether it is reviewing programs for an upcoming conference or joining a leadership committee, the possibilities for you to expand your professional development through volunteerism starts with making sure that members and NASPA staff know what areas you are interested in.

Discounts for your individual membership

Update your primarily institution affiliation and you may be eligible for the reduced membership rate for staff at member institutions! Don’t know if your institution is a member? Check here. Once you’ve checked, be sure that this information updated on your profile so you can receive the correct member rate.

Learn with NASPA

Use your profile to stay current. As a NASPA member, you have access to our journals that showcase the latest research, initiatives, and news from your colleagues. Adding these journals as areas of interest will get you this information as it happens and may lead to your own great ideas and initiatives on your campus.

As you get ready to finalize your spring to-do list, be sure to add update NASPA profile! By keeping your profile updated, you are building your network and your brand. Be sure to keep your profile relevant to the work and areas that matter to you and areas where you want to be visible to others. We look forward to learning about what matters most to you and keeping you connected to student affairs professionals world-wide.