Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education (2016) is a newly released book by NASPA and IASAS.  The book is a continuation of a previous book NASPA released in 2008 (Internationalization of Student Affairs and Services:  An Emerging Global Perspective).  In the newest 15-chapter publication on international student affairs/services 29 authors from 10 countries (Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United States of America) examine critical and emerging trends and issues about internationalization on campuses around the world. 

Some of the issues examined: 

·      Rapidly growing numbers of international students around the world

·      An increasingly diverse and mobile student population

·      Expanding diversity on campuses

·      Intensified cross-border cooperation in research and teaching

·      Staff exchange programs

·      Closer relationships between student affairs and services colleagues around the world

This book also looks at the development of student affairs around the world and how we are similar and different in our student services programs.  It also speaks to how we can help one another and share common goals and practices. 

This book seeks to continue the conversation of what the support of students looks like in many countries around the world. It is not meant to be a prescriptive text that tells readers how to establish programs or conduct research, nor is it a country by country synopsis, rather it is meant to begin the conversation about the various facets of student support within and among universities and colleges around the world.  In Chapter 14 we asked authors from around the world to submit short essays about trends in their country.  In the chapter 23 authors from 23 countries submitted essays.  The essays are available online at  and we encourage readers to go to the site and continue the dialogue by submitting an essay (for further info go to the website). 

The first section entitled An Interconnected and Interdependent World provides insight into a collaboration between and among global student services organizations. From Europe’s impact on global higher education to professional development and learning the chapter authors attempt to begin the global dialogue.

The second section highlights how we as professionals help ourselves to support students achieve academic and personal success.  The myriad of topics in this section cut across a multitude of themes including global competencies, intercultural competence, preparation programs, education abroad, and international employment for professionals.

The final section is not only a summary but a call to action for responsible global interaction. The authors discuss trends in international education models, student mobility, global student affairs and services associations, and the future on international student affairs and services and trends and issues around the world.

Looking ahead, we’d like to mention that NASPA is hosting a book signing at the NASPA Annual Convention.  The editors are also hosting an information session at NASPA titled “Supporting Students Globally” will be held March 14th from 2:30pm to 3:20pm (Program ID 36245).  In addition, we hope you join us at the 22nd Annual NASPA International Symposium from March 11-12, 2017 as we will be looking to continue the dialogue on research and publications in the field of international student affairs and services.  If you have a topic of interest for the Symposium please submit a program. 

In closing, the editors of the text would like to continue the research on the topic of the internationalization in student affairs and services and we ask that all NASPA and IASAS members reach out to colleagues around the world and begin to write about what it is you do as a student affairs and services professional in your country. Learn more here: