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2018 IEKC Best Practices Award Winners

February 7, 2018 Ken Guan Berklee College of Music

NASPA International Education Knowledge Community

2018 Best Practices in International Education Awards


History and Background

Since 2008, the International Education Knowledge Community has been recognizing exceptional efforts in international education made by student affairs colleagues. The goal is to encourage innovative ideas that will help student affairs professionals create and sustain new opportunities for both international and domestic students, to generate conversations among student affairs professionals about campus and curriculum internationalization, and to inspire awareness of the benefits of international education in higher education.

Criteria for Award

  • Creativity/Forward Thinking/Innovation: Program approach is innovative

  • Adherence to Award Category Description: Program serves as stated and intended

  • Replicability: Practice could be replicated on another campus

  • Evidence: Program has an assessment component, and can provide evidence of effectiveness

Award Categories and 2018 Recipients


International Programming


Programs sponsored by student affairs professionals and/or organizations that develop global perspectives and multicultural competence in college students through campus-based initiatives, projects, and conglomerates.


Recipient: Global Monarch Club: Connect Globally Engage Locally

Institution: Old Dominion University









C:\Users\cneal\Desktop\International Photos\GlobalMonarchClub_MeetGreet_2017_43.jpg

The Global Monarch Club (GMC) connects globally and engages locally to create an inclusive community and promote diversity and intercultural understanding within the Old Dominion University (ODU). The GMC exemplifies and demonstrates best practices in connecting international and domestic students through two types of global mentorship programs: Mentor for International Student Experience (MISE) and Mentor for International Learning and Engagement (MILE).

Through a variation of trainings, volunteer experience, programs, and active learning opportunities, the program provides learning opportunity outside of the classroom which supplements academic enhancement and cultural and global competency. To support the mission of the program, GMC has an executive team who helps coordinate events, manage the mentorship programs, and promote outreach to the campus community. Since its creation, GMC has connected hundreds of mentors and mentees from different countries and cultures with the common purpose to: Connect Globally, Engage Locally!

For more information, please visit https://www.odu.edu/life/gettinginvolved/mentoring

Program contact:


Dr. Rachawan Wongtrirat

Assistant Director for International Initiatives
Office of Intercultural Relations

Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services

Old Dominion University


Study Abroad Programming


Programs sponsored by student affairs professionals and/or organizations that promote and facilitate mutual understanding, and student/staff participation via institutional-sponsored travel and/or host family initiatives and international service projects.

Recipient:  First Year Seminars Abroad

Institution: Michigan State University


Program Description

Running 15 years, the Michigan State University (MSU) First-Year Seminars Abroad (FSAs) offer newly admitted students a first-year seminar coupled with a 10–14 day education abroad experience. Programs run in July or August before students start MSU classes, and each one includes a campus orientation, group travel to one of 12 rotating destinations, and re-entry programming into fall semester. Program topics vary amongst the instructors; however all of the FSA programs offer three credits that count toward students’ general education requirements. Supporting the programs, each location has a student affairs professional who assists the instructional staff.

More information

First-Year Seminar email:


First-Year Seminar web: http://educationabroad.isp.msu.edu/students/getting-started/fsa/

Contact Persons

Dr. James M. Lucas

Assistant Dean, Global Education & Curriculum



Mr. Paul Brown

Coordinator, Global Education Initiatives



Student Affairs Professional Global Partnership


Programs that encourage international engagement, cooperation, and collaboration with and between student affairs professionals in two or more countries.

Recipient: Resident Assistant Exchange Program

Institution: University of Hawai'i at Manoa and Federation University

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and Federation University Residential Life Exchange Program seeks to create opportunities for student leaders to engage in the exchange of culture, practice, and camaraderie. A group of Resident Assistants from each respective institution, accompanied by professional staff members, spent one week at their counterpart's campus where they stayed in the residence halls, toured neighboring institutions, and learned more about departmental practices, and indigenous culture. This unique program provides student leaders with a very targeted glimpse of what higher education practices exist in another cultural context.

To learn more about the program, please visit the following sites:

  1. The blog that UH RAs contributed to documenting their experience in Australia:  https://manoarainbow.tumblr.com/ 

  2. A featured article at FedUni prior to their RAs' arrival in Hawai'i: http://federation.edu.au/news?announcement_id=23296&action=view_announcement&category_id=&utm_source=feduni_news&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=FedNews 

Program Contact:

Wil Chen

Assistant Director for Apartment Life

Student Housing Services

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa


Honorable Mention


Programs that do not fit in any of the award categories, yet the selection committee believes that such programs deserve public recognition and could be translated to similar work among other institutions.


Recipient: Student Internship Program

Institution: American University of Kuwait and Dartmouth College

Photo caption: Summer 2017 AUK interns to Dartmouth (center), and Dartmouth Interns to AUK Spring 2017 (left) and Fall 2017 (right) at Dartmouth College during July 4th Festivities.

The American University of Kuwait – Dartmouth College Student Internship Program, now in its twelfth year, gives students from both universities the opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad through an up to ten week non-academic credit overseas internship experience, typically linked to their academic major or career interests.  The program design assists both America and Kuwait-based students with personal growth through experiential learning, enhances professional preparations, and builds personal bridges between the two university communities.  Participants create meaningful experiences and learn to appreciate the different directions that “diversity” and “inclusion” can take. The program enables students to overcome preconceptions (often media-inspired), and gain awareness of Liberal Arts education in vastly different geographical and cultural settings.  Through Fall 2017, the program has had 70 participating students, divided almost equally between the two institutions, and continues to exchange approximately 4 to 10 students annually.

For more information, please visit the following sites.

  1. AUK website (on program): http://www.auk.edu.kw/academics/ip_dartmouth_auk_main.jsp

  2. Dartmouth College Website (on program):http://www.dartmouth.edu/~aukproject/students/

  3. 2017 AUK-Dartmouth Student Internship Program: A Decade of Success & Beyond booklet features over 40 quotes from past participants on their experience: http://www.auk.edu.kw/academics/AUK_Dartmouth_Student_Internship_Program_17AUG17.pdf

  4. Program contact:

Tadd Kruse

Assistant to the President for Institutional Planning & Effectiveness

American University of Kuwait


Dr. Dale F. Eickelman

Research Professor; Ralph and Richard Lazarus Professor of Anthropology and Human Relations Emeritus; Relationship Coordinator, the Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait Program

Dartmouth College