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CSAM: Alice Loc

Asian Pacific Islanders
October 15, 2018

Preferred Name:Alice Loc

Position Title: Program Coordinator

Department: Center for Student Involvement

Institution: Gonzaga University

How long youʻve been in the field: 4 years (2 year grad + 2 years full-time) 

As a new professional within Student Affairs, I believe my purpose is to help cultivate a sense of belonging. Being a first generation college graduate and a person of color, my identities greatly impacted my educational experience. Through the difficulties and challenges of navigating college, I found my community outside of the classroom within my leadership involvement.  Even now as a professional staff, I am still learning to find my own belonging. While my own experiences were at times difficult, I also know that many of my students of color face the same if not more challenging obstacles. And sadly, they do not always have the privilege to voice about their struggles. Within my role, I strive to be an advisor, mentor, and most importantly an advocate who can help provide opportunity to these students of color.  As one of the few staff of color within my institution, I think it is important to have a presence because the chance to serve as a supportive figure to my students means more to them than me. And knowing I can be an impact on their educational experience is worth every bit of my time, and I love that I get to call it my work because I would do the same even if I was not paid to. 

Attached is a collection of pictures with a special group students I have advised from the past 4 years. As an advisor to the undergraduate student government, every year I have the privilege to meet and work with Asian American student leaders on campus. And it has been truly amazing to witness the representation grow.