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How about an Outstanding Award for Your Program

Adult Learners and Students with Children
October 19, 2018 Martha Harper Virginia Commonwealth University

Calling all influencers in the lives of adult and parenting students. The Adult Learners and Students with Children Knowledge Community, annually grants three KC awards. If you work in a division, department or unit that is specifically dedicated to the success of this population, or if you have a regular and ongoing program in a student affairs department that is designed to serve this population, please apply for one of our awards.** The time involved should be about three hours but the payoff is terrific. Winners of our awards will be honored at NASPA 2019 during the ALSC KC Reception, and their Administrators, as well as PR departments, at their respective universities, will be officially informed of the honor.

Chalea Forgues pictured agove from Cal State Fullerton said,

“Winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Program award this past March was a true honor. It was nice to have our hard work be recognized through the knowledge community and created an opportunity for campus recognition which is sometimes rare.  In addition, we were able to share the news of our award with donors, and help validate their support to our students and programs.”

The Deadline is Sunday Oct. 28th! See our website for previous winners.

Outstanding Undergraduate Adult Learner Program

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program

**If you are currently conducting research about adult learners or students with children, we invite you to apply for the Adult Learners and Students with Children Research Grant. We are excited to sponsor last year’s winner at NASPA 2019 as she presents Financial Wellness Among Student Parents. Research Grant Recipients receive their award after NASPA 2019- Awards are up to $200

Apply for a Research Grant