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January 06, 2021: In Community Against White Supremacy

January 6, 2021

Dear NASPA Region VI,

As many of you may know, large groups of individuals stormed the U.S. Capitol earlier today. I am writing to you, crying, scared, frustrated, angry. I am not sure my words can give you much comfort but I hope it does.

I also want to share with you what I wrote to my staff a few minutes ago - What is happening in our nation gives me a renewed sense of belief and hope that our work collectively can be transformative in the lives of our students and community and that we can be educators who will teach them how to be respectful, social justice minded, ethical, kind, and graceful leaders that our world needs.

Thank you all for your service to our students and communities. 

Be well and be safe,

Dr. Anna Gonzalez
Region VI Regional Director