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KC Spotlight: Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs

Region IV-W Region IV-W
June 26, 2018 Jessica Neumann Barraclough Washburn University

We Are Back!

My name is Jessica Neumann Barraclough and I am serving region IV-W as the Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community Chair. I am excited to hit the ground running with new ideas and initiatives that can support our large KC group. I wanted to take a little time to introduce myself. I work in Student Involvement & Development at Washburn University in Topeka, KS. I primarily help students find a sense of belonging on our campus through campus engagement, but I also have the opportunity to teach within our Center for Student Success and Retention. I am an individual that likes to keep busy at home and at work, so I am excited to get this show started.

  • National Committee Update – I have had the opportunity to sit on a couple National KC calls and I wanted to share some updates with you on the direction of the National Knowledge Community.
    • BoardEffect:  Each KC has its own NASPA BoardEffect workroom. NASPA has selected BoardEffect to help board and committee members organize and streamline their work, and to support best practice. Each Knowledge Community has its own workroom within BoardEffect that can be updated by the National Knowledge Community Chair / Co-Chair.
  • Strategic Planning 2018 Competency Discussion
  • Open Positions for April 2018-March 2020 on the Leadership Team
    • Technology (Co Chair)
    • Goals and Ideas – I feel like the sky is the limit for this Knowledge Community! Do you have ideas… or would you like to get involved? Email me at jessica.barraclough@washburn.edu I would love to create a committee of individuals from the region that might be interested in getting involved with group. Below are some of my ideas for potential opportunities
      • Building Partnerships with other Knowledge Communities in our region.
      • Creating a Region IV-W SAPAA Leadership Team… are you interested? Let me know.
      • Create a strategic document to help guide and transitions future SAPAA Region IV-W Chairs
      • Have our region contribute to the scholarly work
      • Promising Practices – A highlight of programs in our region.
      • Creating online opportunities for individuals within the region to come together and share thoughts and ideas.
  • Social Media - CONNECT WITH SAPAA
    • Facebook: SAPAA.KC
    • Twitter: SAPAAKC1
    • LinkedIn: Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA)
  • SAPAA Strategic Plan – I also have the privilege of serving of the Strategic Planning Committee for the National Leadership Team. We are currently developing the three core competencies that we would like to work towards over the next three years. More to come soon… But if you are interested in Strategic Planning below are some free Webinars focused on Knowledge Community Strategic Planning, if you are interested send me an email and I can share the link.

I look forward to sharing and engaging our region in promising practices that will support the success of our students in this ever changing campus climate, let me know if you are interested in being a part of the conversation.