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NASPA VI-West Foundation Update

September 1, 2019 Jerrid Freeman, Foundation Ambassadors Mary Alice Serafini

It is that time of year again to think about your donations to NASPA. While we just finished the large celebrations for reaching our donor goals last year and will receive $500 for graduate scholarships for attending a regional conference and $500 towards research, we must now focus on the next years goals.

What area would you like your donation to go? If you have no specific area and just want to support NASPA and its members then just choose the general fund. But if you do have specific interest, please make your donation and identify your particular area of interest. You could support one of our many knowledge communities! You could promote the social justice fund! You could support a young professional through the Jim Rhatigan Fellowships! You could donate many towards one of the exciting Pillars that will be nominated this year! You can even become an Emerald or Diamond Club member if you want to make a more long term commitment. All the specific options and where to donate can be found by clicking here.

Regardless, the specific area or interest you have, we just encourage you to give back to the profession and support the many fellow colleagues the foundation supports through your donations. And whether the amount is large or small, we just encourage engagement in supporting the profession and its members. The work is never done and we are thankful for all you do for your college or university, your students, and the countless professionals who give their all in making a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your support to NASPA and NASPA IV-West!

Jerrid P. Freeman and Mary Alice Serafini