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NASPA VKC Ally and Advocate Award Announcement

October 31, 2018

You spoke. We listened! The Veterans Knowledge Community is pleased to announce the creation of the NASPA VKC Ally and Advocate Award - a new award specifically created to highlight and recognize the excellent efforts of all whose work affects military connected students. The current VKC award, the Supra et Ultra award, is established to recognize NASPA members who go above and beyond the call of duty in serving military connected students. However, there are many professionals throughout the country whose great deeds and service have an impact on our military connected students. The problem has always been that sometimes it is not appropriate for them to hold a NASPA membership. Maybe they are a politician who helped do good things for students, or maybe they are a member of a non-profit organization who created an excellent new scholarship for our military students. Now we have the ability to recognize their good work. If you know of such a person, please nominate them today!! Veterans Knowledge Community Ally and Advocate Award

The NASPA VKC Ally and Advocate Award is reserved for an individual who has gone above and beyond in their service to military connect students, the military community throughout the country, and for whom the Award Selection Committee feel additional accolades are in order to recognize this passion and dedication. The award’s conference on an individual relies on review and approval by the Award Selection Committee, and is a special honor which may be bestowed upon a deserving individual. This award will be presented every year at the NASPA Symposium on Military-Connected Students. Nominations are due by October 31.

If someone you know always goes well out of their way to support our military students, and you have any questions about nominations, please reach out to Bob Heckrote, at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania -