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SA Weekly: February 10

Policy and Advocacy Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice
February 10, 2020 Maya Ward-Fineman NASPA

Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more.

Key Senators Turn Up Heat on OPMs “Old issues with online program management companies get new attention in Washington.”

Tying Grant Eligibility to Religious Freedom “Proposed Education Department rule has higher ed lobbyists worried about possible loss of federal grants for public colleges over barring recognition of religious groups with membership restrictions.”

Hand-Delivered Hate or Free Speech Exercise? “The University of Louisville says administrators' hands are legally tied -- they cannot prevent a student from distributing anti-LGBTQ literature directly to LGBTQ students.”

Giving Growth Slows “While giving to colleges and universities reached a record high this past fiscal year, signs point to a slowing pace of growth, according to the latest Voluntary Support of Education Survey.”

Student Loan Relief for Disabled Vets “The Trump administration is forgiving loans for disabled U.S. military veterans. But consumer groups say loans should be discharged for all who are too disabled to work.”

Gender Gap in Grade-Change Requests “New research finds male college students are more likely to ask for grade changes.”

Judge Hands Down Harshest Penalty Yet From College Admissions Scandal “Prosecutors told the court that they considered Douglas Hodge, the ex-CEO of PIMCO, among the "most culpable" of the parents charged. He has been sentenced to nine months in prison.”

Diversity and the Curriculum “Syracuse grapples with how to meaningfully educate students about equity and inclusion.” 

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