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SA Weekly: March 9

March 9, 2020 Maya Ward-Fineman NASPA

Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more.

Campuses Close Due to Virus “Colleges shift classes online, more conferences are canceled and basketball games are played in empty stadiums. A roundup of the latest COVID-19 developments in higher ed.”

Big Differences in Biden and Sanders's Plans “Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have different ideas about college affordability and higher education policy, both in their approaches and the specificity of their plans.”

University Housing for Faculty and Staff “Rents in urban areas are skyrocketing, and faculty and staff members at universities increasingly face long commutes and housing insecurity. San José State hopes a creative solution can help.”

Students, Professors and Politics “Some students do feel political pressure from their professors, but few change their views.”

Separate but Equal at the MLA? “The Modern Language Association planned separate panels for scholars of color and their white colleagues.”


Policy Update

How Colleges and Communities are Organizing for Census 2020 by Marcus Rodriguez, Director of Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement, Occidental College, March 2

Relevant Bills

Letters Urge Betsy DeVos To Erase Student Loans for Borrowers With Disabilities by Cory Turner, NPRMarch 3

A 9-Step Compliance Plan For Ensuring Transgender Students’ Title IX Rights by Rina Grassotti, JDSupra, March 5

Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Institutions of Higher Education by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, March 2

Campuses Close Due to Virus by Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed, March 9  

Relevant Regulations

Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; Borrower Defense to Loan Repayment Universal Form

Agencies: Federal Student Aid, Department of Education 

Public Comment: Open comment period ends on May 05, 2020 

Office of Postsecondary Education; Call for Written Third-Party Comments

Agencies: Federal Student Aid, Department of Education 

Public Comment: Open comment period ends on May 05, 2020


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