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Straight Talk for Veterans

November 8, 2018 Dr. David Vacchi VKC

In February, many student veteran support practitioners were anticipating a Memorial Day release of Straight Talk for Veterans: A Guide to Trainsitioning into Higher Education and the Civilian Workplace by former VKC Chair Dr. David Vacchi and Dr. Karina Money - after numerous logistical challenges, the book is set for a Veterans Day 2018 release!  The original offer was for VKC members and SMCS 2018 attendees to receive a 20% discount- this is still valid!  We're also offering a referreal discount for the 2019 conference - so use NASPA2018 or NASPA 2019 as a discount code for your 20% off.  Also the paperback version will be available at a substantially reduced cost over the over the original hardcover price of $90.  Got to  https://www.vetedd.com/ for more information and to order your copy starting on Veterans Day 2018!