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The 2019 Top 7 Reasons to Contribute to the AVP Blog

Supporting the Profession
January 14, 2019 Dr. Art Munin University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Happy New year to all of my AVP colleagues!  I hope this message finds you doing well as you begin 2019.  The AVP Steering Committee is moving along in a positive direction and we hope to see each of you at the national conference in Los Angeles! 

The AVP Steering Committee is starting off this new year with a push for colleagues to contribute to the AVP blog.  This initiative started several years ago and has been a substantive way for colleagues to offer thoughts, advice, and wisdom to those navigating the complicated world of being an AVP.  Therefore, I have come up with a list of the top 7 reasons for YOU to contribute to the AVP blog. 

  1. You have something to say that we want to hear.  Every AVP can contribute a nugget of advice that could help the experienced veteran or the AVP on day one of this job.
  2. It takes very little time.  These blogs are typically 500-600 words.  Do not over think it.  Come up with an idea and start writing.  Trust me, you will hit that word count before you know it.
  3. This is a great way to get involved in the AVP Steering Committee.  We have been very fortunate that this group has developed into such a successful venture.  But, this means that there is often more applicants to join than there are slots available.  Being a regular contributor to this blog is a fantastic way to show your commitment to the work of the steering committee.
  4. Your mentor would want you to do this.  Ok, I do not actually know if this is true.  But, you should ask that person and odds are they would agree with me. 
  5. You would add to your online presence.  Have you ever Googled your name (who hasn't)?  When a search firm does their total workup on your online presence, wouldn't a blog on the NASPA AVP Steering Committee website look good? 
  6. You can have fun.  This is not a boring journal article.  You can be funny, share different perspectives, and even bring your personality to life by the picture you choose to accompany your blog.  I wrote a blog in 2017 where I used as the picture me playing guitar while my kids sat next to me with harmonicas (thankfully, there was no sound that accompanied the pic).  
  7. It is an important contribution to the field.  Not every AVP can attend the national conference, a regional conference, or the AVP Institute.  But, this type of professional development is accessible to everyone.  

Of course, there are many more reasons to contribute to the AVP Blog.  But, I am coming up on my word count limit, so I need to wrap this up (see how quick that was!).  Please consider dropping us a line and contributing to this venture.  If you would like to talk out an idea you can contact any one of us and we would be happy to chat.  Otherwise, I hope the rest of your academic year goes smoothly and I look forward to connecting with many of you in Los Angeles. 


To submit an article for publication on the AVP Blog please contact Angela L. Chong, Associate Vice President for Florida State University and Kevin McCarthy, Assitant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at North Central College by clicking here