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Volunteer!!!! NASPA IV-W NEEDS YOU!

Region IV-W Region IV-W
June 27, 2018 Shannon Schwaebler Northeastern State University

It is a new month. Which means new ways to get involved with Region IV-W! Consider joining our team as Reflection Inspires our Future. We hope you’ll join us in Wichita in October too! Vacant positions are listed below:

Membership Coordinator Advisory Board Positions

  • Member at Large
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba

Knowledge Community (KC) Coordinator Advisory Board Positions

  • Knowledge Community (KC) Co- Coordinator
  • Campus Safety & Violence Prevention
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Latino/a/x
  • Orientation, Transition & Retention
  • Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, & Response
  • Student Athlete
  • Sustainability

Regional Director Elect

Sign-up through Volunteer Central https://apps.naspa.org/engage/openings_new.cfm