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With more demands and dwindling resources, Mid-level professionals must find ways to use their networks to succeed. Wearing many hats and managing multiple responsibilities limits time for professional association engagement, but at no other time is it as important. From institutes helping you decide your next steps to leadership within Knowledge Communities, NASPA helps illuminate your next steps.

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The Placement Exchange (TPE), "the place to be for student affairs job placement" is a partnership between NASPA and ACUHO-I as well as among professional associations NACA, ASCA, NODA, AFA, and HigherEdJobs. As it enters its 9th year, see why TPE is the place to search for a position in 2016.


The Placement Exchange (TPE)
The Placement Exchange
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Education is at the core of what we do, so why not see one of the NASPA publications below to keep up to date on current scholarship about the field.

Initiatives & Awards

One of the many benefits of a NASPA membership is networking with your colleagues and peers. The programs below not only support the profession at large, but also you in your development as a future professional.

AVP Steering Committee
NASPA’s AVP Steering Committee strives to encourage excellence in the number two position (e.g., assistant/associate vice presidents, deans of students).…
Center for Women
The NASPA Center for Women examines issues relevant to women in higher education and hosts a variety of professional development…
NASPA Supporting, Expanding, and Recruiting Volunteer Excellence (SERVE) Academy

SERVE is a year and a half long program for mid-to-senior level professionals who want to gain knowledge about, and strategies for, enhancing their NASPA leadership and volunteer experiences and fully experiencing their professional association.

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