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New Professionals are faced with quite the challenge. At no other point in your career will you go through enormous transitions and face such a steep learning curve, while having limited financial resources and time. From specifically tailored educational sessions such as the New Professionals Institute to networking opportunities such as the New Professional and Graduate Student Knowledge Community, NASPA is a community where you can thrive.

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The Placement Exchange (TPE), "the place to be for student affairs job placement" is a partnership between NASPA and ACUHO-I as well as among professional associations NACA, ASCA, NODA, AFA, and HigherEdJobs. As it enters its 9th year, see why TPE is the place to search for a position in 2016.


The Placement Exchange (TPE)
The Placement Exchange
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New Professional

Education is at the core of what we do, so why not see one of the NASPA publications below to keep up to date on current scholarship about the field.

New Professional
Initiatives & Awards

One of the many benefits of a NASPA membership is networking with your colleagues and peers. The programs below not only support the profession at large, but also you in your development as a future professional.

Careers in Student Affairs Month

CSAM is a celebration of the student affairs profession and a way to encourage the next generation of SA pros.

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