Online Briefing Series for Women

Based on feedback from the NASPA membership, the Center for Women developed an online briefing series on a variety of hard and soft skills that tie to student affairs and higher education.  These programs will be offered every other month beginning August 2016 and will focus on issues relevant toward women in the field of higher education and student affairs. This website will continue to be updated with upcoming programs and registration information.   Memebers are encouraged to register and encourage to bring staff menbers participate in the presentation as well. 

December Online Briefing 

This online briefing will take place on Tuesday, December 6, 2:00-3:00 EST

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Beyond Busy: Developing Life Work Integration for Women in Student Affairs

Student affairs professionals are managing more with less. So many demands on our time suggests our purpose is defined by how many things we have to do. The often relied upon phrase "I'm busy" contributes to a culture where busy matters most. What if we stopped saying busy to explain how we feel? What does it look like if concede work life balance is a misguided framework? Join us as we struggle with the culture of busy, understand its implications, and introduce a model of life work integration for inspiring us to craft a different narrative as women in student affairs. 

The presentation will start by sharing popular and academic research on the culture of busy and its implications both individually and systemically (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). The challenges and limitations of authentic engagement and productivity when our common denominator is how many things we have going on (American Psychological Association, 2015) will be introduced. The presenters will problematize the notion that work life balance is a desirable outcome worth achieving, and rather present an alternative paradigm predicated on life work integration. Along the way, compelling anecdotes of women who have vowed to stop saying their busy, neuroscience research on multitasking and mindfulness, productivity strategies will be shared, and participants will be asked to do their own self-assessment of how "busy" behaviors manifest themselves. It will conclude by inviting a call to action on how to take one, or many, steps towards eliminating busy in our participants lives.

As a result of this program:
  • Participants will understand the benefits of adopting a thriving rather than surviving mentality within the student affairs profession
  • Participants will gain knowledge of reframing work life balance to life work integration and will understand the benefits of this re-framing
  • Participants will gain access to methods and tools to develop capacity in and outside of work, and will use self-assessment to start the process of implementing said methods
  • Participants will recognize the implications of our busy behaviors on the students we serve
Presenter Background​
  • Jennifer Wegner

    Jennifer Wegner is Associate Director in Engineering Student Affairs at the University of Michigan, with responsibilities including student organization development, leading unit strategic objectives, and supporting university and college co-curricular initiatives. She is quick to say she is a recovering perfectionist who is practicing to become a more thoughtful, engaged, and efficient educator. She is a member of the NASPA Center for Women National Board and co-founded the University of Michigan Women in Student Affairs chapter.  Jennifer’s research interests include the culture of busy, the intersection of women’s higher education career ascension and professional development, and women’s leadership development.  She is currently a doctoral student at New England College and holds her M.Ed. in Higher Education Student Affairs from the University of Vermont and a B.A from Oakland University.

  • Amy Homkes-Hayes

    Amy Homkes-Hayes is the Lead Innovation Advocate for the University of Michigan's Office of Academic Innovation after recently completing a stint as the Manager of Career Development at the University of Michigan Alumni Association. There, she led out career and professional development for U-M alumni, and worked with students on fostering connections to alumni. Before working in alumni relations, Amy worked with students at U-M’s Career Center, Science Learning Center in the College of Literature, Science, and Arts, and in career services in the College of Engineering. She has also taught a career class for undergraduate students pursuing internships, and currently a graduate class on academic advising. Amy comes from a place of yes, which she admits has its benefits and limitations. She struggles with the busy trap on a daily basis as a parent of a toddler and an infant, and sometimes practices mindfulness. Amy has an MSW from Grand Valley State University and AB from the University of Michigan.

Registration Information

This Live Briefing is scheduled for December 6, 2016 at 2 p.m. ET and will last approximately 60 minutes. Pre-readings, discussion, and the live event will take place in the NASPA Online Learning Community. The live session will be recorded and the presenters will be available to answer questions for a period of 3 weeks after the live session.;

This briefing is available for $49 and you are not required to be a NASPA member to register. If you have a discount code, you may enter this at the time of registration. Your access is connected to your NASPA profile, so while we encourage you to view the live session with your colleagues, please keep in mind that all interactions within the learning community will be made under the registrant's name and will be connected to your profile.

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