Online Briefing Series for Women

Based on feedback from the NASPA membership, the Center for Women developed an online briefing series on a variety of hard and soft skills that tie to student affairs and higher education.  These programs will be offered every other month and will focus on issues relevant toward women in the field of higher education and student affairs. This website will continue to be updated with upcoming programs and registration information.   Members are encouraged to register and encourage to bring staff members participate in the presentation as well. 

Learning Outcomes for the Online Briefing Series

The Online Briefing Series for Women, will:

  • Focus on women's issues on a college campus and be presented by those with expertise in the foundational area
  • Provide a venue to continue to advance and showcase the research and practice being developed about women in higher education
  • Deliver content in a flexible and accessible format that matches known demands for women
  • Select content in collaboration with NASPA's constituent groups and outside strategic partners
Sample topics for 2018-2019
  • The importance of mentoring
  • Managing multiple identities: caregiving, working moms, etc.
  • Organizational change management
November 2018 Briefing | Women and Decision-Making: Information or Intuition?

Wednesday, November 28 at 2:00p.m. Eastern

  • Session Description

    How do women make decisions? How do I make decisions? How are decisions made on my campus?

    In this session, we explore the myths and realities of gender and decision-making. We look at trends and research on gender and decision-making in higher education and in ohter sectors around the globe. We then examine campus mission and your values in the context of decision-making. In this session, you'll learn how to assess your decision-making style and learn strategies for making decisions that align with campus values.

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Participants will learn about the current research on gender and decision-making.
    • Participants will learn how to make data-informed decisions in student affairs.
    • Participants will learn how to integrate campus and personal values in decision-making.
  • Target Audience
    Entry level professionals (0-5 years of experience) and mid-level professionals (5-10 years of experience)
  • Meet the Presenter

    Jennifer Lee Hoffman |  I am an educator and scholar of student affairs and higher education. I have led courses and workshops for educators and campus leaders in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and in US. Currently, I am an associate professor in the College of Education at the University of Washington and I facilitate an annual preconference seminar at the Association for the Study of Higher Education. My research focuses the intersection of the purposes of education, policy, and higher education, including a special focus on lack of women in senior levels of leadership in intercollegiate athletics. I have also explored the unintended consequences of state and federal gender equity policy for all women, with a recent publication on climate for women athletes and current work on the failure of Title IX policy to fully reach women of color in higher education. My scholarship on gendered policies and practices in higher education appears in several books and publications, including Empowering Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs: Theory, Research, Narratives, Practice and in Re/constructing Policy in Higher Education: Feminist Post-structural Perspectives, and College Athletes’ Rights and Well-Being. I am a current member of the NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education Editorial Board.

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Have an idea?

The Center for Women is hosting a call for online briefings and hope you will consider an idea for a presentation.  Workshops are asked to be targeted to professional development topics for women in higher education and student affairs.  Consider submitting your program to be featured as part of the online series for the Center for Women.  Submissions will be evaluated on an on-going basis.  

Online Briefing Submission

Missed a Previous Online Briefing? 

No worries! Each online briefing is available on-demand within two weeks following the live session.  Take a look at past programs sponsored by the Center for Women below.