Policy Position Guidelines

Under the leadership of the Public Policy Division, a process has been established by which NASPA members and affiliated groups may request that the Association take a position and/or make a public statement on a policy issue or current event. The process was developed by a working group established by the NASPA Board, consisting of Board representatives and national office staff. The process is intended to provide a consistent and transparent method for NASPA members to bring forward issues of importance for the Association to consider taking public positions on which the Association can consider taking a public position.

Policy Position Statement Overview

NASPA will take public positions on issues of importance to student affairs professionals and institutions of postsecondary education in the national and international context. For clarity, consistency, and impact, NASPA will ensure that only one public position on a particular issue is taken. All public statements or positions will be consistent with NASPA’s mission, values, and core principles, and will be designed to position the Association as the leading voice for the student affairs profession and in advancement of the Associations goals.  To learn more about the policy and issues statement process, please download the statement process guidelines.