Signature Initiatives

Tuesday Topics on LinkedIn

We invite AGAPSS members and our LinkedIn community to dedicate time every Tuesday to post to our LinkedIn page.  All LinkedIn members are welcome to post discussion topics at any time, but making the commitment to login on a regualr schedule will help build our community and broaden your professional network.  

Lunch & Learns

The AGAPSS Lunch & Learns are great opportunities to connect with colleagues and discuss issues regarding and best practices for graduate and professional student support. The conversation will typically begin around noon, allowing you to eat your lunch (or sip your morning coffee) while engaging in the topic directly from your desk.

Our next Lunch and Learn, "Disability Services for Graduate and Professional Students," is scheduled for Monday, July 16, 2018 at 2PM EST. Click here for information about the presentation and registration.


  • December 2017 - Leadership Development for Graduate Students
    CMelissa Bostrom, Ph.D., The Graduate School, Duke University
  • February 2017 - Smart Practices for Working with International Graduate Students
    Chelsea O'Brien, Rochester Institute of Technology  
  • October 2016 - A Move to Hybrid (online and on-ground) Orientation  
    Ellyn Couillard & Heather Petrelli, The University of South Florida College of Pharmacy
    Click HERE to access the webinar.
  • October 2013 - Graduate and Professional Student Orientation
    Dan Volchok, Assistant Dean
    Graduate Student Life and Global Connections, Northeastern University

    Shana Slebioda, Lead Graduate Advisor
    Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California-San Diego
  • September 2013 - Advancing in Graduate and Professional Student Services: Finding Your Path
    Katherine Hall-Hertel, Assistant Dean
    Graduate School, UNC - Charlotte

    Samara Rasmussen, Director of Student Affairs
    Jones International University
  • August 2013 - Submitting a Conference Program
    Christine Wilson, Director
    UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center
  • May 2013 - Career Services for Graduate and Professional Students
    Ana Rosetti, Assistant Dean
    Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Valerie Shepard, Program Manager
    UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center
  • February 2013 - International Graduate/Professional Students (Orientation and Professional Development)
    Ana Rosetti, Assistant Dean
    Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • January 2013 (Inagural Session) - Social Media and the AGAPSS Professional
    Tim Siftar, Information Services Guru at Drexel University