Get Involved

Regional Opportunities

Serve as a regional representative for the African American Knowledge Community. Regional representatives assist with moving the AAKC national agenda forward and lead KC activities within the region. Each region has a leadership team structure similar to the national leadership team. The regional teams work to increase the number of NASPA members who affiliate with AAKC, host AAKC activities at regional and national conferences, and connect African Americans and those interested in the African American experience across the region. Connect with your regional representative for more ways to get involved in your region.

Region 1: Kristina Hall-Michel, [email protected]  

Region 2: Kimberly Springer,  [email protected]

Region 3: Dr. Mel Norwood, II, [email protected]

                 Rob Sparks, [email protected]

Region 4E: Janelle Love, [email protected]      

Region 4W: Cletra Peters, [email protected]

                     Millard Curtis, [email protected]

Region 5: VACANT

Region 6:  Aaron Jones, [email protected]