The NASPA Assessment, Evaluation and Research Knowledge Community will:

  • provide education for members on assessment, evaluation and research through a variety of cost efficient methods.
  • strive to create and share new and innovative ways of assessing our work.
  • provide support and networking opportunities to all members and specifically full time assessment professionals.
  • assist campuses to move forward in the assessment of student affairs by providing short term assessment consulting at conferences.
  • remain committed to researching and responding to data regarding our member needs and skills.
  • be available and visible at national and regional conferences.

The AERKC also encourages constituents to be familiar with and apply NASPA’s professional competencies and applicable rubrics. Professionals should use the frameworks to select appropriate professional development opportunities in order to increase skills and knowledge.

Professional Competencies: https://www.naspa.org/images/uploads/main/ACPA_NASPA_Professional_Competencies_FINAL.pdf

Professional Competency Rubrics: