The Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Knowledge Community (CSVPKC) is a cooperative educational forum for all college and university administrators and paraprofessionals charged with meeting the physical safety and security needs of campus infrastructure, the emotional needs of the campus community, and other institutional needs, including the protection of image and promotion of business continuity.  Members of this community represent a broad range of functional areas within college student affairs administration, and other realms of campus administration, including academic affairs, facilities management, campus police, health centers, public relations, external affairs, legal affairs, etc.

New membership is encouraged by those with similar interests regardless of discipline, professional preparation, and/or campus roles and responsibilities.  By encouraging member interaction through the sharing of ideas and concepts, discussion of trends, best practices, innovative resources and research, the CSKC provides a sustained and organized effort to foster collaboration, awareness, knowledge, and support regarding the management of campus safety.

  1. To foster knowledge and awareness of historical and current incidents, current trends, and effective strategies associated with the management of campus safety.
  2. To encourage innovative and scholarly research related to campus safety and to encourage significant contributions to the field through the development and presentation of conference programs and workshops.
  3. To build a support network of professional colleagues and to develop and share a comprehensive database of valuable resources relevant to all areas of our work with all elements of campus safety. 
  4. To offer assistance and support to our colleagues in the preparation for and response to campus safety issues as well as to provide guidance and feedback on protocols prior to and following campus safety-related activities and incidents.
  5. To build communicative and collaborative partnerships with our administrative colleagues within the field of student affairs and beyond including professionals from external agencies such as emergency management, fire, police, counseling, public health, emergency medicine, etc. 
  6. To sponsor an annual pre-conference program related to campus safety management and its functions within college student affairs.
  7. To create and highlight innovative approaches to campus safety management and to develop and promote best practices and standards related to management protocol, including assessment and evaluation.