Signature Initiatives

Strategic plan

Since the fall of 2012, the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community has been working to create a Strategic Plan to help guide the LKC in its future endeavors. The three areas that encompass the LKC Strategic Plan are (1) Advocacy, (2) Comunidad, and (3) Development. Within these three areas, are a variety of goals to help guide the Leadership Team in it's development of opportunities for it's members. To review the Latino/a Knowledge Community Strategic plan, please click on the link below. 

Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community Stategic Plan

Latinx/A/o Knowledge Community History Committee

Testemonios (testimonies) are an important part of Latino culture. The Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community History Committee was implemented to gain knowledge of the formation/creation of the LKC and how our colegas have helped form this Knowledge Community, gain insight from past members of the LKC Leadership Team and understand their drive and motivation to serve this Knowledge Community and store historical documents. 

Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community History Timeline

Regional Snapshots

In 2013, the NASPA Region III LKC Pioneered the regional Snapshots. the group's goal was to better inform administrators in higher education about the Latinx/a/o community. The Snapshots aim to provide a resource for students, professionals, and researchers interested in Latinx/a/o as in higher education. The LKC hopes that the Snapshot reports will be used as a resource regarding the changing landscape in higher education as it pertains to Hispanics/Latinos.

In 2015 the LKC Leadership Team charged the remaining regions with creating similar Shapshots. Below are the compiled regional Snapshots:

2015-2016 Snapshots

2014-2015 Snapshots

2013-2014 Snapshots