The purpose of the Men and Masculinities Knowledge Community is to provide a venue for discussion, research, and the distribution of information about men’s gender identity development in the context of college campuses.


  • To make gender identity(ies) a salient lens for viewing and working with male staff and students.
  • To develop and distribute resources that will enhance student affairs professionals' ability to respond to the needs of male students.
  • To inform the profession about new research and practices regarding the development of masculine identities as manifested in people in general, and men in particular (e.g. inclusive of masculinities performed by Trans/Queer, women).
  • To offer technical and creative assistance to colleagues as they develop programs and services for male students.
  • To assist Student Affairs professionals in nevigating the tensions between male privilege and men's personal needs (e.g. challenge and support), including support through the professionals' personal frustrations in this regard.
  • To create guides to best practices in teaching male students about diversity, gender identity, and other critical issues affecting their personal growth.
  • To promulgate and/or distribute men's issues and development scholarship for use in graduate preparation programs.
  • This KC was founded upon a pro-feminist, anti-racist, gay-affirmative agenda with the hope of providing resources to increase multi-cultural competence among male students by providing the NASPA membership with tools to invite and engage men into this process. The underlying assumption is that men in general are interested in social justice, capable of enacting it, and that they need language and a connection to the process.