We Are About
  • The palette of cultural diversity
  • Declaring our identity
  • Changing perceptions
  • A common experience
  • Having a choice
  • Claiming a place.

The MultiRacial Knowledge Community (MRKC) endeavors to be a dynamic and supportive organization that brings multiracial, transracial adoption and mixed-heritage issues and related research to the forefront of higher education.


The mission of the MRKC is to advocate on behalf of multiracial and mixed-heritage (hereafter referred to as multiracial) individuals, support those who work with/educate multiracial students, and gain a presence within NASPA. We seek to raise awareness of multiracial issues and provide a support network for NASPA members who identify with more than one race.

Through the development of educational initiatives, engaging in critical dialogues, and cultivating scholarly research, we seek to offer practical knowledge for administrators working with multiracial students and colleagues. We invite those interested in learning more about multiracial professionals and/or students on our campuses, those researching and/or teaching about multiracial people, and our advocates and allies, to participate with us as we learn together and enhance multiracial consciousness in our communities and institutions of higher education.

Finally, we seek to offer support to transracial adoptees who might self-identify differently than multiracial individuals but share similar experiences related to identity, cultural affiliation, and affinity groups.

  • Inclusivity
  • Support,
  • Education,
  • Advocacy
Overview & Working Definitions

As multiracial and transracial adoptee populations grow, the need for higher education professionals to understand specific issues surrounding identity is imperative. Multiracial is defined as those identifying as having more than one race (mixed, hapa, etc.) or exploring an identity that includes more than one race. In Census 2000, the population of the United States was shown to be 281.4 million. “Of the total, 6.8 million people, or 2.4 percent reported more than one race. Census 2000 asked separate questions on race and Hispanic and Latino origin. Hispanics who reported more than one race are included in the two or more races population” (Census 2000 brief, 2001). For purposes of this knowledge community, transracial adoptee describes an adoptee of color who was adopted and raised by White parents in the United States.


Members will communicate at local, regional, and national NASPA meetings and at other related conferences, institutes, and meetings (NASPA Multicultural Institute, NCORE, etc.) as time allows. Technology will also be utilized to connect members and provide opportunities to share information.

Goals:Provide education on the complexities of developing a healthy multiracial and transracial adoptee identity. Build advocates committed to meeting the needs and serving the interests of multiracial and transracial adoptee students. Create opportunities for NASPA members to engage issues related to the multiracial and transracial adoptee population. Encourage research and supply resources to strengthen best practices for promoting the success of the multiracial and transracial adoptee population within higher education. Promote and model collaborative relationships with other KCs and organizations that compliment the MRKC mission.

ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas 

The MRKC is rounded in the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas, and we invite you to review the professional competencies in PDF along with in video form.