Each year, the NASPA New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community present a number of events that are geared to stimulate intellectual and personal engagement on a variety of topics relevant to our members.

These signature events and initiatives address some of the most pressing issues of our time, and they are designed to have a powerful impact on all participants and attendees. To learn more about our scheduled programs and events, please visit the Events listing page. 

Conference Consortium 

The Consortium was founded in 2012 by Stephen Deaderick out of a desire to engage new professionals and graduate students in conversations about the present state and future of the student affairs profession. Participants meet four times during the NASPA Annual Conference to dialogue about topics chosen by the Conference Coordinator Chair, in consultation with the NPGS KC Leadership Team. The topic is also connected to an area of the ACPA/NASPA Areas of Professional Competencies for Student Affairs Educators. 

NASPA NOW Recognition Program

ASPA NOW recognizes graduate and new professionals who are making positive contributions to the profession and to NASPA along five values: Innovation, Inquiry, Inclusion, Impact, and Integrity.  NASPA NOW is a partnership through NPGS and NASPA and will be first awarded at the 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia.  All current New Professionals (less than 5 years full time experience) and Graduate Students (Master's and Doctoral) are encouraged to apply during the annual call for nominations.

Research Teams

In order to continue our goal of responsible practice, supported by research, the Knowledge Community has supported research teams to conduct empirical research on behalf of New Professionals and Graduate Students. The key is relevance to our KC members—we have a goal to produce research that can improve our knowledge base and understanding of engagement with research. We also wish to destigmatize research--helping participants to become more comfortable with being a part of research. Currently, we are studying institutional fit, specifically following graduate students beginning the transition from master’s programs into full time employment. We are exploring how this process may be influenced by various factors, including self identity and mentorship.


The NASPA Graduate and New Professionals Symposium – organized by the NASPA Central Office and the Knowledge Community - is an opportunity for participants to learn, share, network, and develop both personally and professionally. The sylposium is hosted at the Annual Conference on a Pre-Conference Session. The agenda and focus for the symposium changes annually to address the needs of our members. 

Sponsored Program Sessions 

With thousands of program submissions to the NASPA Annual Conference each year it can be difficult to select which programs to attend. Thus, the NPGS Leadership Team works to select three programs to sponsor or spotlight that are high-quality and meet critical needs for member’s professional development. Be sure to check your email as anual conference approaches for additional information.