Welcome to SAPAA!

As one of the largest KCs within NASPA, SAPAA boasts an incredible and diverse representation of engaged and committed members.  We are excited to work with individuals who make collaborations a priority in their professional lives and in their mentoring and engagement with students.  We look forward to hearing about your interests and learning how we can make this KC even more responsive to your needs as professionals fostering effective partnerships between academic affairs and student affairs.

In the coming year, we welcome you to professional development and networking opportunities that exemplify the power of partnerships. SAPAA initiatives range from networking possibilities through our signature Working Groups on academic advising, career services, living-learning communities, and service learning and civic engagement to committee efforts on scholarship, communications, social media, member support, and technology.  We are making a concerted effort this year to engage beyond the KC – and this includes working with graduate students and new professionals, collaborating professionally across and beyond NASPA, and recognizing individual and institutional emerging innovations through our Promising Practices Awards.  Finally, our members contribute time and energy to engage at important NASPA gatherings, and we hope that you will propose for NASPA meetings, including the Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Meeting and the Assessment & Persistence Conference.

What is SAPAA?

The Student Affairs Partnering With Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community provides a forum for interaction among student affairs professionals serving in an academic unit within their institutions and/or those who are interested in the collaboration between student and academic affairs and how this collaboration can continue and thrive in the future. It also promotes the presentation of programs and workshops at regional and national conferences on issues related to the connection between student affairs and academic affairs. In doing so the SAPAA Knowledge Community serves to enhance the professional development of the person working in this area as well as to provide an opportunity for others to become aware of, and more familiar with, these issues. Finally, the SAPAA Knowledge Community encourages research and scholarly publication in the area of collaboration between academic and student affairs as well as promising practices at institutions.