Research Agenda

The SAKC appreciates the involvement of SAKC members in the development of our research agenda.  In 2014 and 2015, the SAKC leadership team collected several critical data points to inform this agenda:

  • Reviewed recent literature on student affairs and intercollegiate athletics partnerships;
  • Conducted a survey about the topical interests and priorities of SAKC members;
  • Polled audience participants during the SAKC session of the  2015 NASPA Annual Conference.

These efforts yielded the following topics and timeline:

  1. Career Readiness/Life After Sport (Address in 2015-16)
  2. Mental Health (Address in 2016-17)
  3. LGBTQ (Address in 2017-18)
  4. Alcohol and other Drugs (Address in 2018-19)
  5. Race and Ethnicity

SAKC members are asked to create and share knowledge according to this agenda.  Members can: 

  • Bring awareness to these key issues. 
  • Submit content to the SAKC newsletter, which will serve as the venue for sharing knowledge on these topics. 
  • Submit articles for the annual Knowledge Community publication.
  • Submit proposals for the NASPA Annual Conference.
  • Propose and create a NASPA Online Learning Community course, webinar, etc.

Research and other knowledge generation can include:

  • Submitting original research being conducted in these areas;
  • Interviewing topical experts and submitting summaries of these conversations;
  • Providing book reviews and/or literature reviews on topical areas;
  • Sharing the best practices occurring on own or peer institutions related to the topics.

Participation in the Research Agenda is a great opportunity to be published and to hone professional development skills, all while raising awareness on the important topics identified by the profession. Be sure to review the fall SAKC Newsletter for additional details, and check this page for future updates and related calendars and deadlines.

The SAKC is committed to supporting and implementing the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators through its research, presentations, and publications. Click here to access the Professional Competencies manual.

Contact Amber Fallucca with any questions or contributions.