Education Plan

The Student-Athlete Knowledge Community has created this resource collection to aid student affairs professionals in understanding the unique culture of intercollegiate athletics and the unique needs of student-athletes. 

1. Culture of Intercollegiate Athletics

Student Affairs professionals shall pursue an understanding of the impact on student-athletes of athletics time demands, physical injury, rules compliance, team or department rules, and the work hard/play hard culture of athletics. 

Culture of Athletics Overview 

Culture of Athletics Annotated Bibliography

2. Meeting the Needs of Student-Athletes

Student Affairs Professionals shall recognize that student-athletes face a number of complex challenges and demands, which are similar to stresses that the general student population faces, yet are compounded by the pressures that accompany participation in a competitive sport.   

Needs of Student-Athletes Annotated Bibilography

3. Athletics and Student Affairs Collaboration

Student Affairs and athletics professionals shall collaborate to prepare student-athletes for life after sport and to enahnce campus and community engagement. Student Affairs Professionals shall consider how to program for student-athletes within the structure of campus-wide programming.

Model Structure for Student-Athlete Development

How to Program for Student-Athletes

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Supplemental to this Education Plan, the SAKC wishes to highlight the presentations from our KC sponsored sessions at the 2016 NASPA Annual Conference: