The Student Career Development Knowledge Community is a community wherein Student Affairs professionals can develop best practices for supporting the career development of students at Colleges and Universities.  Professionals from functional areas across the profession are invited to participate in an effort to enhance the ways in which the profession contributes to the national conversation around how we can shape the career exploration and preparation of our students.  It is important that Student Affairs staff serve as campus leaders in partnering with faculty from all disciplines to help students best explore and prepare for their future pathways.  Thus, the goal for this KC is to draw staff members from all functional areas of the profession and not just career services offices to promote cross-functional collaboration in developing best practices.


The vision for the Student Career Development KC is that it will provide a place for student affairs leaders to envision ways in which student career development can be constructed in a way that supports institutional priorities.  Further it will provide information and collaborative space for all student affairs practitioners to discuss and engage in developing best practices for serving as partners in students’ career development process by engaging stakeholders across campus in partnerships.  Through engaging in this KC, student affairs professionals will understand why it is critical to collaborate in the career development process so that all students, regardless of major or co-curricular involvement, can articulate the value of their experiences as they relate to career development.


The role of the Student Career Development KC is to support the growing need to connect the student affairs profession and practices with the career development outcomes of undergraduate students.  Through sharing best practices and fostering cross-functional collaboration around career development, this KC plays an important role in ensuring that student affairs practitioners, in all functional areas, and at all levels, are intentionally helping their students connect co-curricular experiences with career exploration and planning.  This KC is a resource for developing and sharing best practices in the area of career development.