Technology Competency

The Technology Competency represents an exciting new chapter for professional development and the field of student affairs. Just as our students can be seen as the ‘early adopters’ of technology, so to will we now have the opportunity to be the ‘agents of change’ in this new (virtual) world

Competency Posts/Resources:

·      Grounding Student Affairs Work in Technology : ACPA/NASPA Approves Updated Competencies, Dr. Josie Ahlquist

·      The Technology Competency for Student Affairs Educators, Dr. Paul Gordon Brown

·      Are you a Digital Explorer, Educator or Influencer? | Foundational Technology Skills in Student Affairs, Dr. Josie Ahlquist

·      Digesting the TECH Competency for Student Educators #SAtech, Dr. Laura Pasquini

·      Incorporating the ACPA/NASPA Technology Competency into your Student Affairs position, Check I’m Here

·      ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies, HigherEd Live

·      Getting more Competent with Technology, Eric Stoller

·      Thoughts on the ACPA/NASPA Technology Competency, Joe Sabado

·      Leading the Way: Crafting the ACPA/NASPA Technology Competency, Matthew Brinton, Ed Cabellon, Tony Doody, Lisa Endersby & Kevin Valliere


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