Signature Initiatives

Working Groups

The WISA Knowledge Community has developed several working groups to address issues and efforts pertinent to our membership. To raise the conversation around these themes, we have discussed their interconnection with the professional competencies set forth by NASPA, and we are continuing to evaluate and plan the most appropriate strategy for bringing these conversations to our membership and the field as a whole. If you would like to get more involved in any of these working groups, please contact the person listed below to indicate your interest and enthusiasm. We look forward to ongoing and fruitful discussions around the following topics:

Intersectionality of Identity

To address the connectedness and overlapping of the various identities of our membership and to address the systemic and social barriers in our professional landscape.

Social Justice and Inclusion; Personal and Ethical Foundations; Values, Philosophy, and History; Leadership

Contact: Nikkie Hockenberry, [email protected]

Pay Equity and Negotiation

To raise awareness of the policies and practices that enable the wage gaps on our campuses and to provide professional development in negotiating and navigating advancement in our positions.

Advising and Supporting; Personal and Ethical Foundations; Organizational and Human Resources; Law, Policy, and Governance

Contact: Erika Lamarre, [email protected]

Work-Life Negotation and Wellness

To discuss and address the issues in our personal development and their impact on our professional development, including role negotiation, self-care, and parent and family issues.

Personal and Ethical Foundations; Organizational and Human Resources; Leadership

Contact: Melodye MacAlpine, [email protected]