2018 IV-E Regional Conference: Call for Programs

April 29, 2018

The call for programs for the NASPA Region IV-East Regional Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  celebrating 100 years of NASPA is now open and here are some important considerations as you prepare your proposal.  

The Audience

  • NASPA regional conferences include both professionals and graduate students.  Therefore, please know that your audience may consist of both.  If your presentation targets one or the other, please note it in your description.

  • If you plan to have graduate students in your session, consider applying what they learn in the classroom to the topic to help them “wrap their brains around it” (or ask them to refer to the coursework and apply).


  • NASPA regional conferences have a less formal culture than the national conference.  Consider an interactive presentation to provide opportunity for sharing of ideas, networking and graduate students learning from professionals.

  • Allow enough time for questions, yet be prepared if you have extra time. 

  • Consider leaving technology at home to encourage discussion and interaction among the participants.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from PowerPoint.

  • Options exist for Research presentations, SA Talks, roundtables, and general sessions, so consider your type of presentation in submitting.


The regional conferences are distinguished from the national conference in a very important way:  we offer the opportunity to network, build relationships, and build community with colleagues on a closer level than a national meeting allows.  Don’t hesitate to focus on community and capacity-building in your sessions.

Go to Call for Programs to submit your session today!  The deadline is June 15.

For questions, please contact James Stewart ([email protected]) or Tess Barker ([email protected]).

Thanks, and we hope to see you in Milwaukee!

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