2018 NASPA Region VI Research and Assessment Grant - Deadline Extended!

Gyasmine George-Williams, NASPA Region VI Research Division Representative

October 24, 2018

2018 NASPA Region VI Research & Assessment Grant Proposal Information
Submission Deadline: Thursday, November 1st, 2018.

NASPA Region VI is accepting applications to support new research of its members by offering research and assessment grant awards. Region VI is making available up to $6,000 annually in research and/or assessment grants for Region VI members. This funding is to be used for research expenses incurred during the grant time.

The maximum award for an individual or research group is $1,000 annually for projects that include faculty and student affairs practitioners and is $2,000 annually for those projects that also include graduate students and/or unpublished practitioners as part of the research team. Region VI is interested in funding research and assessment in student affairs that furthers our understanding of the student affairs profession, student development and student learning and are consistent with the mission of NASPA’s Research Division:

To promote NASPA's core value of spirit of inquiry and advance knowledge creation and dissemination in the fields of student affairs and higher education in order to keep NASPA members up to date on the most current scholarship related to postsecondary education and postsecondary students. (para. 2)

The grant application deadline is Thursday, November 1, 2018. Grant recipients will be announced during the NASPA Region V and VI regional conferences during the awards luncheon and will be listed in the regional newsletter.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

(1) overall proposal including originality and creativity, response to current trends and issues, clarity, value, understanding of student development and learning outcomes, application of theory to practice, writing style, and the degree to which it is based on research literature and theory, (2) research design; and (3) proposed budget. 

Timeline for the grant proposal application process is as follows:

1. November 1, 2018: Proposals due
2. November: Panel review, awards announcements, communication with all applicants
3. November: Winners announced via 2018 Western Regional Conference and NASPA newsletter
4. 2019 Western Regional Conference: Award recipients provide an executive summary of findings and details account of how the funds were spent to the NASPA Region VI Advisory Board; award recipients present research and findings at the regional conference

To apply for the NASPA VI Research & Assessment Grant, please complete and submit the online application at http://apps.naspa.org/cfp/evt_frm_user.cfm?event_id=1027

For additional information or questions, please contact Gyasmine George-Williams, NASPA Region VI Research Division Representative at [email protected].

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