2019-2021 API KC Leadership Team Application

November 18, 2018

We are excited to share that the application to join the API KC 2019-2021 Leadership Team is now live! If you are interested, please review and complete the application here. The deadline to apply is December 2, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

Given that a few months has passed since the KC elections, we want to remind you of the platform we ran on for the API KC Co-Chair position. Divided into three main tenets - vision, voice, and visibility - we hope that reviewing it will help you determine whether joining the leadership team is an opportunity you would like to pursue.

  • Vision

    • We hope to shape spaces and dialogues so APIDA students, professionals, and faculty may find a professional and scholarly home within the API KC.  There is no one definition of community and one of our greatest priorities will be to understand and provide for the changing needs of members while emphasizing members’ strengths to continue creating positive social change.

  • Voice

    • We will hold NASPA accountable to their publicly stated commitment to equity, inclusion, and social justice.  NASPA shares that as an organization, members from all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and belief systems have access, voice, acknowledgement, and opportunities to participate at all levels within the Association and the profession.  We will ensure to the best of our capacity and ability as Co-Chairs to hold them to these statements, engaging in consistent and critical dialogues with NASPA leadership.

    • We believe that we have the responsibility to honor the narratives of the distinct and unique communities that comprise the API KC.  We will advocate for and represent the needs and interests of APIDA students, professionals, and faculty within and beyond NASPA, particularly the voices of Desi, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian Americans.  

  • Voice
    • We will create more pathways to leadership through mentorship by providing opportunities for involvement beyond the NASPA Annual Conference.  We hope to engage more members regionally and nationally by continuing to collaborate with partner organizations (e.g. ACPA, ASHE), refining the roles of the regional representatives, and developing the API KC mentoring program’s structure and the curriculum of APPEX.  We hope to further engage members and foster relationships across backgrounds, forms of knowledge, and years of experience.
    • We will strive to raise API KC funds for events and programs that support the professional and scholarly development of our members.  These opportunities include but are not limited to: research grants, scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students to attend conferences and APPEX, regional events, and annual conference programs.

It goes without saying that none of the above will be possible without a committed and impassioned team. So if any part of our platform resonated with you we hope you will consider applying for a leadership team position.

If you have questions or would like more information, please email us! We are thrilled by the possibility of working with you.


Joliana Yee ([email protected]) and Kristine Din ([email protected])

API KC Co-Chairs Elect

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