A Farewell Message from your WISA Chairs

Dr. Kathy Rose-Mockry and Dr. Niki Rudolph

March 6, 2017

Dear WISA members,

As we get ready for the upcoming National Conference in San Antonio, we want to take a moment to reflect on our term as WISA co-chairs and celebrate the work of our awesome team!  It has been our honor to serve you these last two years to maintain the momentum of growth and change in our knowledge community, and to create mechanisms and initiatives to address current needs of women in Student Affairs.  We are currently facing a significant cultural shift in which equity has risen as an issue of utmost importance. This affects our knowledge community directly in terms of gender and the many identities we also hold. 

We started off our term turning to you, our members, to ask you about the issues on your mind that were most critical to you.  As a result of your feedback, we identified key themes of pay equity and advancement, work/life/family negotiation, and intersectionality of the identities we hold. We created work groups, chaired by our regional representatives, to identify and implement initiatives to address these priorities. 

As a result:

·       WISA issued a pay equity and promotion survey which received over 775 responses.  After results are tabulated and evaluated, WISA will have data to support future steps to challenge gender-based pay inequity that still exists within our profession and beyond.

·       Work was undertaken to integrate these three priorities into program planning for regional and the national conference as well integrating them into our highly-utilized social media platforms.  The leadership team, in addition, has identified possibilities for training and discussion in the future. 

During the last 2 years, we have taken steps to strengthen our KC by strengthening organizational structures and enhancing partnerships.  By defining roles of the Leadership Team, expanding roles for involvement for WISA members, and expanding our reach to partner KCs, we will expand our effectiveness.  The saying that there is strength in numbers certainly applies as we all make efforts to address these challenges and prepare our students to take over the baton in championing for equity and inclusion on our campuses and in the world at large.  We also developed plans to create a scholarship for a graduate student in WISA to assist with costs of attending the National Conference to support those starting out in the profession.

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to thank each of you for your involvement and dedication to students and to the institutions which you serve. As women, in mind, body, and spirit, we will be called on in the coming years to both support and advocate for each other and for the students on our campuses in novel ways. We are confident that WISA will continue to be a place of development and education.

Your incoming chairs, Ana Rossetti and Kelley Stier, are skillful leaders who will do awesome things for our knowledge community as they take over the reins next month.  We encourage you to stay involved and support the new initiatives that will come forward.  Your involvement matters!

Again, our thanks to you all for your ongoing efforts and involvement.  It has been our privilege.


Dr. Kathy Rose-Mockry and Dr. Niki Rudolph

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