A Warm Welcome from our new Co-Chairs

Evette Allen and Antonio Duran

April 3, 2018

We have just completed the NASPA Conference 2018 and have geared up plans to start making our mark over the next two years. We are accompanied by an amazing team of individuals who are ready to assist you as you #MakeYourMark on the field of higher education.  These individuals have spent hours brainstorming initiatives to engage new professionals and graduate student in NASPA specifically and student affairs broadly. We are so excited for what the new 2018-2020 leadership team will bring to the table.

As you move forward with your involvement in NASPA and student affairs, we encourage you to look at ways that you could #MakeYourMark. We ran on this platform with specific attention to four key areas:

  • #MakeYourMark on Professional Associations: NPGS KC will generate several opportunities for members to further their involvement in the KC and NASPA, allowing them to build upon the Leadership professional competency.
  • #MakeYourMark on Scholarship and Research: NPGS KC will make an intentional effort to encourage its membership to consider their positions as scholars in the field, a trademark of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Research professional competency.
  • #MakeYourMark on Equitable and Inclusive Practices: NPGS KC will encourage opportunities for the membership to think about the Social Justice and Inclusion professional competency. In particular, we will consider what it means to create equitable environments on our campuses and in the field as new professionals and graduate students.
  • #MakeYourMark on the Field: NPGS KC will produce programs and initiatives to help members plan for their future in the field, allowing them to reflect upon the Personal and Ethical Foundations professional competency.

So, you might ask, how can you #MakeYourMark? We would love if you got involved with the NPGS KC because we believe there are a plethora of benefits that come from volunteering within a professional association such as (1) great leadership experience in a professional association, (2) the ability to network with colleagues and peers from across the globe, (3) intentional professional development and growth, and (4) the ability to help new professionals and graduate students make major contributions to the field of higher education.

You could get involved by volunteering on some of the following committees:

  • Communication Committee: The Communications Committee provides strategic direction for official communication from the NPGS KC, including but not limited to newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.
  • Conference Coordinator Committee: The Conference Coordinator Committee helps organize all NPGS events and meetings at the NASPA Annual Conference. This includes, but is not limited to space reservations, selection process for KC sponsored programs, annual conference announcements to NPGS, etc.
  • Doctoral Student Professional Development Committee: The Doctoral Student Professional Development Committee works to ensure doctoral students within NASPA are engaged, have opportunities to provide feedback, and have professional development opportunities.
  • Knowledge Coordinator Committee: The Knowledge Coordinator Committee will engage in research projects and help contribute to the annual NASPA KC publication for NPGS. The Knowledge Coordinator Committee also actively seeks to identify resources and opportunities for NPGS to share or advance knowledge that assists members of NPGS.
  • Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is an integral part of engaging the NPGS KC community. The Membership Committee focuses on recruiting and retaining members for the KC.
  • Nominations and Recognition Committee: The Nominations and Recognition Committee is in charge of recognizing outstanding new professionals and graduate students in the NASPA community. Additionally, the Nominations and Recognition Committee may also be part of the process of selecting the next NPGS Co-Chairs.
  • Partnerships Committee: The Partnerships Committee assists the New Professionals and Graduate Students KC by connecting with various NASPA groups (e.g., NUFP, GAP, TPE) and establishes a plan for mutually beneficial relationships. 
  • Professional Development Committee: The Professional Development and Advancement Committee generates online and in-person content targeted to developing new professionals and graduate students on a professional and personal level.
  • Regional Committee: Based on the NASPA region in which you reside, you can get involved with NASPA at the regional level. On this committee, you would develop initiatives that support the personal and professional development of new professionals and graduate students in your specific region.

If any of these committees are of interest to you, head on over to the New Professionals and Graduate Students involvement page https://www.naspa.org/constituent-groups/kcs/new-professionals-and-graduate-students to join the community and/or to complete the form to join a committee.

If you have any questions regarding any of listed committees, please email the NPGS KC Co-Chairs below.

We hope to connect with you soon!


Antonio Duran & Evette Allen

NASPA NPGS KC 2018-2020 Co-Chairs

[email protected] | [email protected]

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