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Sharee L. Myricks Williamson

October 19, 2016

#AddValue as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair

#AddValue is a call to all new professionals and graduate students to not only become involved in NASPA, but also for us to find our active place in the New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community (NPGS KC or “KC”). It was a call that Dustin Grabsch and I (Sharee L. Myricks Williamson) answered three years ago.  We sought to give more of ourselves to our professional home with a passionate desire to bring focus and energy to the Knowledge Community known as the launching pad for engagement of NASPA’s largest membership. Today, I call all those willing and ready to answer the call to #AddValue by submitting a nomination packet as 2018-2020 NPGS KC Chair or Co-Chair.

What’s in NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair for Me?

The ultimate benefit of being NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair is witnessing how NPGS KC is overall #AddingValue to graduate students and new professionals; we work hard to produce for our membership.  Members of the NPGS KC receive innovative programming, new research dissemination, regular engagement opportunities and consistent communication both nationally and regionally. With the creation of sub-leadership teams and committee opportunities, we are also witnessing an exciting time where the KC membership is feeling a greater sense of KC community and ownership! As a result, it is our hope as Co-Chairs that the profession is benefited by the retention of new professionals and graduate students in our field and organization. Dustin and I are frequently are contacted by the KC membership regularly on how NPGS KC professional development offerings serve as a positive impact, or #AddedValue, for NASPA new professionals and graduate students to become better professionals.

Dustin and I #AddValue by leading a national team who leads the majority of NASPA initiatives and dissemination of knowledge for their graduate students and new professionals, alongside the NASPA corporate office. The benefits within this great responsibility are showcased through guidance of the national NPGS KC leadership team and committees. Along with the NPGS KC leadership team coordinators and regional representatives, we as Co-Chairs implement a five-point platform, #AddValue, which Dustin and I outlined initially in our nomination information packet. Regularly, we work closely with NASPA corporate office, the national Knowledge Community Leadership, and Chairs and most importantly, our KC membership. Thus the above interactions and partnerships within the Co-Chair role personally provide the ultimate networking, project management, and service opportunity for my professional development. Professionally, I have learned how to be a better supporter of my colleagues, improved my supervision abilities, and enhanced my talents as an administrator by the skill-set learned in the role as Co-Chair. The benefits of #AddingValue as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair is a two-way street indeed!

What Should I Expect as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair?

The KC membership and NASPA have high expectations for the NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair role - to #AddValue to the experience of new professionals and grad students in our organization. Of course, you will attend the annual conference, hold meetings, be present at monthly conference calls, conduct one-on-one meetings with leadership team members, send/respond to KC membership emails, and submit board reports. Yet, let’s focus on the awesome opportunity to set the tone on how NASPA will serve new professionals and graduate student membership!

As NPGS KC Chairs/Co-Chairs, we are passionate and intentional about ‘sitting at the table’ to serve as  the voice of new professionals and graduate students within NASPA. Most importantly, we have sought various opportunities to actively advocate the concerns and issues faced by new professionals and graduate students in our field. Dustin and I strongly believe that our membership is not only the future but the 'NOW' of NASPA. Thus, as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair, one would be expected to have experience with the organization, familiarly with the efforts of the KC, knowledge of the concerns and issues being faced by our Master students, Doctoral students and new professionals (those with less than 5 years professional work in the field) and an strategic foresight on how to advance the development of the membership through the work of the KC.

Again, you are the NOW of NASPA! The call to #AddValue as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair only requires a time commitment of three years (one year as elect, two years in the role) and active NASPA membership. Thus, we strongly encourage new professionals and graduate students to consider the role(s) as we are the experts in our unique needs and wants professionally. Currenlty, Dustin and I are both new professionals, with Dustin also being a student within a Doctoral program. 

Do I Have the Time to Become NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair?

I think I know the issue stopping you from applying for this great role…you think the work will be too heavy on your already full plate. I completely understand! Throughout this blog , I hope I have displayed that Dustin and I share the NPGS KC Co-Chair role. I would encourage you to review the leadership structure of the other 29 NASPA KCs, where many run under the Co-Chair model (two Chairs sharing the role equally).

It is an honor and privilege to work alongside my fellow NPGS KC Co-Chair, Dustin. It is not only because we are long friends in NASPA (NUFP 2009!), but because we bring a diverse leadership profile to the role. The #AddValue platform includes research, doctoral support and professional advancement – areas where Dustin are strong, where I bring strengthens of  mutiple years of service and forsight of NPGS KC leadership, regional involvement, innovate programming, and member engagement creation.

Lastly, the Co-Chair model allows a postive work-life balance where we are able to support each other in the work required, as well as continue as high-level producers on our campus, presentations and publications production in higher education, outside organizational commitments, and personal family/friend responsibilities. This is not to discourage anyone who can take on the role solo (it is also done and done well), but provide insight for those who are concerned with the time commitment.

I’m Ready to #AddVaule as NPGS KC Chair/Co-Chair!

            Well, I’m excited to hear this! I think you are ready too! Time is of the essence if you are interested. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/NPGSChairApplication to review the application. NPGS KC Nomination Committee will accept applications until October 26, 2016, so please consider beginning or finishing your application today! Dustin and I look forward to mentoring the 2018-2020 NPGS KC Chair or Co-Chair Elects!

Here’s to #AddingValue,


Sharee L. Myricks Williamson, Co-Chair

New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community

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