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March 18, 2019

Assessment folks! The window for nominations is open for the 7th Annual NASPA AER KC Innovation Award. Winner(s) will receive free registration to the 2019 NASPA Assessment, Persistence, and Data Analytics Conference and a $500 travel stipend. This is a pretty cool award!

Recognition for assessment innovations isn’t really a common event, but when it does happen, that affirmation is meaningful. Dr. Darby Roberts, Director of Student Life Studies in the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University, reflected that “Being recognized for Aggies RISE (Reflecting and Integrating Student Employment) as the 2014 NASPA Innovation Award winner really confirmed that what we were doing with student learning in an employment setting was important on the national level.”

Winners have also found value in sharing their approaches with the assessment community. Dr. Pam Shefman, Director of Assessment and Planning in Student Affairs and Enrollment Services at the University of Houston and the 2016 winner (along with Priyanka Raut and Rebecca Szwarc) told us winning the award was “a way to share our results with others and help those who were looking for ways to use their assessment committees differently.” In this way, the AER Knowledge Community helps promote best practices and their dissemination. 

Past winners have, as a result of sharing their innovations, have experienced other opportunities to present their methods, strategies, and results. Pam said “Since (presenting), we have been invited to host webinars and sessions in other venues.  We appreciate the opportunities that the AER KC award has given us.” Sharing innovations is a great way to engage and dialogue with NASPA members. 

Are you aware of an innovative approach to assessment? Nominate your project here ( Successful nominations demonstrate that the project generated actionable data/results. Also, winning nominations describe how the project can be considered a best practice, and/or might be reproduced at other institutions. You can view the rubric here (

If you have questions about nomintations or the application process please contact: 

Dr. Erica Eckert, Kent State University, [email protected] and/or Dr. D’Arcy Oaks, Ohio State University, [email protected]du

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