Student Leadership: A District-wide Student Success Initiative

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Dr. Adelina S. Silva, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Alamo Community College District (ACCD)

February 23, 2018

The Alamo Colleges District is comprised of five colleges that serve approximately 60,000 credit students per semester, of which 62% are Latino. The following Alamo Colleges student success initiative has positively impacted our majority “minority” student population.

Student Leadership Institute

The Alamo Colleges Student Leadership Institute (SLI) is a district-wide student success initiative designed to provide students with leadership principles, practices, and procedures that serve as essential elements of individual and organizational success. The program, comprised of Tier I, Tier II, and a project component, was established in the fall semester of 2001 to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Over 1,100 college students, 49% Latino, have completed the SLI program to become leaders on campus, in the workplace, and in their communities.

The Leadership Program targets college students and inspires them to become proactive, productive, and engaging leaders with the help of Alamo Colleges faculty, business leaders, and community organizations. Its objectives are to educate and empower students to pursue leadership development; to develop a leadership mind set, skill set, and tool set; and to prepare students for a more productive educational and professional career. Tier I is a 9-month program (fall and spring semesters) in which students participate in a leadership course, leadership labs, and committees resulting in direct, positive impact. Tier II students develop and host a Young Leaders Conference for high school students with an average attendance of 300 participants. This conference provides leadership skills training and encourages students to explore opportunities for education at the Alamo Colleges.

More information on the Student Leadership Institute contact: Rodell Asher, [email protected].edu

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