API KC Award Winner: Dr. Ajay Nair

February 13, 2018

Award: Doris Michiko Ching Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Name: Ajay Nair

Title: President-Elect

Institution: Arcadia University

Quotes from nominator(s):

"Beyond Ajay's leadership and accomplishments, at the foundation of all his actions and involvements is a good person with integrity. He always asks what is the right thing to do and not what is the easy thing to do."

"Ajay has left an indelible mark on many through his leadership in both the student affairs field and within the APIDA community. He has consistently challenged the status quo, creating ways to empower students so they can reach their goals at highly complex institutions"

"When I think of an educator-leader who has contributed to the transformation of how we engage in authentic student affairs leadership, I think of Ajay Nair. His career has been courageous and inspired. He has not only led, but he is a VERY public scholar challenging us to bring the margins to the center." 

Please help us in celebrating and recognizing Dr. Ajay Nair's accomplishments by attending our annual API KC Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 6th from 6:00-7:00pm @ Loews Congress B.  All are welcome. 

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