February 25, 2019

Award: Outstanding Mid-Level Professional

Name: Justin Samuel

Quotes from nominator(s): Justin consistently received high praise from his peers across campus for his work on student leadership and staff development and he is repeatedly tapped as a guest facilitator, presenter, and speaker for groups across UT. He also serves as the advisor for the Ismaili Muslim Student Association and has coached them as they have won the Outstanding Student Organization Award at UT twice in his support of Pakistani American students. Justin is also a fantastic leader and support for the students in his area of campus. As an Assistant Director, Justin supervises an area of almost 2,000 diverse students and manages an area with over 90 professional and student staff members. He has been consistently strong in his work and is considered a mentor by many students and staff members across campus.

Award: Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Name: Shawna-Leigh Camara

Quotes from nominator(s): Shawna-Leigh has expressed a strong interest in the Student Affairs Profession. Since becoming a NUFP Fellow, she participated in the NUFP Pre-Conference Institute last November at NASPAʻs Western Regional Conference. Since then she has participated in monthly professional development meetings learning more about higher education, the profession, hot topics, cover letter and resume, and more through readings, discussions and guest presentations. During these meetings, Ms. Camara shows her deep interest in and curiosity for the Student Affairs Profession.

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