API KC Award Winner: Varaxy Yi

February 13, 2018

Award: Future Leader

Name: Varaxy Yi

Title: Ph.D. Student

Institution: University of Denver

Quotes from nominator(s):

"Varaxy's work as a scholar, educator, and practitioner is groundbreaking for the field of higher education. She is an emerging higher education scholar who is dedicated to serving her communities, including doctoral students of color, refugee first-generation students, and her Cambodian and Southeast Asian community."

"In addition to her work as a practitioner, Varaxy is one of the most dedicated and intuitive scholars we have ever met. She used her coursework to develop her thinking about a wide range of topics (with a special focus on race, equity, inclusion, diversity, culturally engaging campus environments, intersectionality, and critical race theory) and has applied her knowledge to execute several research topics. These include her own dissertation research, which examines the racialized experiences of Southeast Asian community college students, as well as examining the impact of culturally relevant programs at minority-serving institutions, academic aspirations of women doctoral students of color, access to higher education for refugee high school youth, and how institutions have moved the needle toward cultivating more diverse and inclusive campuses."

"As one of the few Cambodian doctoral students in the field of higher education, she has witnessed, experienced, and sought to unveil the effects of loneliness and isolation on both graduate and undergraduate students. In response to the low number of Southeast Asian graduate students in her field, she helped create a national network of Southeast Asian women in higher education."

Please help us in celebrating and recognizing Varaxy's accomplishments by attending our annual API KC Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 6th from 6:00-7:00pm @ Loews Congress B.  All are welcome. 

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